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Memph’Eks is a graphic novel series that illustrates a telling story of heroism, betrayal and family, loosely inspired by the monumental attempts to censor rap music; a movement led by C. Dolores Tucker and prominent politicians in the 90s. This re-interpreted narrative follows the journey of Memph’Eks, a young rapper from Memphis, TN who is chosen, rather destined, to disrupt the government’s misguided endeavor to suppress the creativity and speech of musicians in the city. Although this fictional story embodies time capsule elements from the past, it may be a dark premonition into the future. Meanwhile, Memphis remains the modern-day mecca of music steeped in rich, historic soil--making the location befitting of the safe-haven it is deemed to be within the comic series. This novel will include the release of self-titled soundtrack that naturally encompasses the eclectic sound that Memphis is known for. Featuring eleven tracks by various TMG artists, including the title’s star Memph’Eks, the soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment with its own star power.


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Take a look inside to find out more about Memph'Eks and his mission!

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