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(questions stolen from 1965 Bob Dylan Interview in San Francisco but answered by CHAYNES)

I’d like to know what is the meaning of the cover photo on your album, ​Just Me? ‘Just Me’ is one of my favorite songs on the album, but also this was approached as a solo project. In the past, I’ve always had a full band going to the studio, but for this project it was mostly me in a room with another producer and Charles. A lot of great musicians play on it, though on different songs.

It seems to have some philosophy in it. I’d like to know what it represents to you- you’re a part of it... I think it represents that I’m still looking forward, getting stronger as a person.

I’ve thought about it a great deal...

I appreciate that. Chris Elam took the photo. He’s great.

I thought the ‘black and white’ was an image in your songwriting. You seem to like that. Grey is my favorite color.

Do you think of yourself primarily as a singer or a poet?

I used to identify more as a poet, but now I think of myself more as a songwriter.


Poetry is so abstract. I liked writing it when I was young, but songs live forever. They have a higher ceiling of potential. They’re more exciting to me.

The criticism that you have received for leaving the rock field and switching to pop music hasn’t seemed to bother you a great deal. Do you think you’ll stick to pop music or go into more writing? It’s important to always challenge yourself and not stay in the same place. Ideally, I’d love to do an album in every genre.

Would you say the words are more important than the music? More important than anything.

Which do you do first, ordinarily? Words usually. It’s harder to write when you have the music first, at least for me

Do you think there will be a time when you will paint or sculpt? I doubt it. I have some great sculptures and artists in my family though.

Do you think there will ever be a time when you’ll be hung as a thief? Man, I hope not.

Carey, you said you always do the words first and think of it as music. When you do the words can you hear it? I think once I get a minimal amount of words, say 4 lines, there is a natural melody that comes through in my head.

Do you hear any music before you have words-do you have any songs you don’t have words to yet? Sometimes I’ll get a catchy melody in my head and pull out my phone and hum it into my recorder app. I usually forget about it, and every 6 months go through the recordings if I’m in a dry spell. I had the music to my song “Smiling Now” before I wrote the words.

What poets do you dig? I have a broad definition of poets cause songwriters are poets to me. I would say Sturgill Simpson, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Paul Mcartney. Chuck Palahniuk is an author whose words are very poetic and I really dig.

Do you still sing your older songs? Definitely. My band, Chaynes and the Links, has been rehearsing and hoping for the world to open back up.

Who are people making films that you dig, particularly? My top five are Quintin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, John Carpenter, Todd Phillips, and Martin Scorcese.

If you were going to sell out to a commercial interest, which one would you choose? I’d probably sell out for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Do you listen to other people’s recordings of your songs?

Definitely! Reginald Harris sang “Comic Book Size Blues” on the Memph’Eks Graphic Novel Soundtrack. 51 Stones has an album with a song I wrote called “Artistic Hippie Criminal Girl” and it sounds great.

Is it a strange experience? I feel lucky and honored when anyone likes what I write.

Are there any other musicians you would recommend that we hear? Memph’Eks, Gmedz, Reginald Harris, and all the Moragne group artists.

Mr. Haynes, I know you dislike labels and probably rightfully so, but for those of us well over thirty, could you label yourself and perhaps tell us what your role is? I’m a songwriter and a guy who loves music.

Do you consider yourself a politician? Definitely wouldn’t want to be a politician.

How long do you think it will be before you will finally quit? Hopefully never.

Do you consider your old songs less valid than the ones you are putting out now? I don’t. I think they’re all valid.

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you? I got stuck in a funeral home.

What areas of music that you haven’t gotten into do you hope to get into? I’ve never scored a film.

Mr. Haynes, when would you know that it was time to get out of the music field into another field?

When music quits making me happy, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Here's a snippet of my upcoming single. I hope you enjoy it!

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