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Behind the Scenes: From Sketch to Life

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Follow illustrator John McCall, as he develops Memph'Eks characters from conception to illustration.

Memph'Eks Takes Form.

We sat down with illustrator, John McCall, to get into the mind behind the pencil and follow his process from conception to illustration.

“You got a story here and the story is more than just about bad guys against good guys. You have a story that talks about choices they made and history-- people's history that bind together and show a world. No matter how dark the world becomes, there's still a light there and the light there is the music and the music is the thing that unifies people. It's also the very thing that divides them. I think that's an interesting plot there.” - John McCall

To check out John's full Memph'Eks Sketchbook, visit The Moragne Group Store.

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